Case Study:  Multiconsult

Multiconsult is using CV Partner to manage their CVs, resumes and case studies across languages, countries and engineering practices. The 3,000+ employees have saved time and the bid team have improved their bids and proposals using CV Partner.

3,000+ employees
2019 Started to use CV Partner
Use CV Partner in Multiple countries and languages


  • 2019                     Multiconsult started using CV Partner
  • 2019                     Imported all CV, resume and case study data from Word files
  • Today                   Collaborating on bid and proposals across the entire organization


Multiconsult is a leading engineering and design consultancy listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange. With roots going back to 1908 and thanks to its 3,000+ highly skilled members of staff, the company is able to provide a range of services including multidisciplinary consulting and design, project engineering and management, verification, inspection, supervision and architecture – both in Norway and overseas. During the last years,
Multiconsult has greatly enhanced its international business portfolio and established several fully owned international subsidiaries.

Multiconsult has a strong environmental focus and is also world leading in the planning and development of hydropower stations, dams, underground facilities, onshore wind farms and solar plants.

The challenge

How did you manage your CVs, resumes, and case studies prior to using CV Partner?

Prior to CV Partner, we had the CVs and resumes as individual word files in our document management system. All employees had access to the Word version of their CV and were encouraged to keep it updated. This CV was then copied to a proposal folder for tailoring for a proposal.

Why CV Partner?

What would you say is the primary benefit of having CV Partner in your organization today?

The main benefit is to have a searchable, structured database of all resources in our company. We also work more iteratively, and improved versions of content are re-used when we copy it back to the master version.

We particularly enjoy the simplicity of copying a master version of a CV, resume, or a case study to a proposal and exporting it to a bid- or proposal specific format. This saves us a great deal of unnecessary copying and pasting.

Lastly, our employees report that the system is user friendly, allowing them to more easily keep their CV or resume updated.

”We particularly enjoy the simplicity of copying a master version of a CV or a Case Study to a proposal and exporting it in a bid or proposal specific format. This saves us a great deal of unnecessary copying and pasting.”Offer Coordinator, Live Killingland

The value for Multiconsult

We completed a cost/benefit analysis which included a calculation of time saved when we decided to start using CV Partner back in 2019. We are looking forward to seeing the long-term benefits of CV Partner in our organization and we are excited for the future.

How do your colleagues in the international part of your company embrace CV Partner?

Our UK office was able to get started with the tool out of the box. We also have added users in our international offices, including Zambia and Kenya. Also, our colleagues at Link Arkitektur are onboard with CV Partner. CV Partner allows us to easily collaborate across departments, countries and even languages.

Your Renewable Energy team mostly work on international bids and projects, and use a wide range of NGO and bid specific CV, resume, and case study templates - How has CV Partner affected this part of the organization?

CV Partner was able to create the bid and proposal- specific CV formats that we need for our international business. In addition, the Customer Success and Template Teams have been efficient when we needed to create new versions or iterate on our designs. The template feature in CV Partner has saved us a lot of time and at the same time allowed us to focus on increasing the quality of our content.

What is your experience working with the CV Partner customer success and onboarding team?

The support we have received from our Customer Success Manager and the onboarding team at CV Partner have been excellent. We always get quick and comprehensive answers to any question, both on email, video and in the support chat.

”The support we have received from our Customer Success Manager and the onboarding team at CV Partner have been excellent.” 
Bid Manager Energy, Monica Lyngmo

Implementation and importing data

What was your experience importing CVs, resumes, and case studies from Word and Excel?

Import of new users, departments and data from our other systems have worked very well. We have taken our departments onboard CV Partner in stages. We ensured top management support, and each department head or manager has been involved in the process, creating a champion in each department. Lastly, importing the CVs and resumes from Word has proven to be a great time-saver, making the implementation a success.

What would you have done differently looking back at the onboarding process?

We are overall very satisfied with the onboarding process and the support we received. We could even see the data quality improve during the implementation project, which proves that this has a high priority with the CV Partner team.

One key finding during the pilot phase was taken into account when more departments were to join. For our first pilot, we might have imported too many reference projects (Case Studies) and we could have quality assured the data before importing it. We took this experience with us when we rolled out CV Partner to the rest of the organization.

If you have any questions about CV Partner or the case study, feel free to contact the CV Partner team.

Andreas Parr Bjørnsund
Head of Partnerships - CV Partner