Case Study: Novanet

Novanet is a long time CV Partner user, and used CV Partner and its API to fetch updated employee data for their new website.

200 employees (Nova Group)
2015 started using CV Partner
UsedAPI to fetch employee data


Novanet is a leading IT consultancy firm that specializes in .NET - and a part of Nova Consulting Group. Novanet provide knowledge and quality that helps their customers reach their intended goals for developing software. They take pride in software craftsmanship and aim to develop a leading consultancy company in Norway focusing on Microsoft’s developer platform.

Services include:
- System development
- Specialists in Microsoft development platform
- Software development and architecture
- Robust and future oriented solutions
- Consulting

Novanet work with leading companies in Norway, including IF, RiksTV, Thon and Infinitum.

The Challenge

Ingve Vikan Sund, Senior Consultant explains in his blog post: “At some point, we all come to the same conclusion: we have to upgrade our website. For Novanet, it meant modernizing the visual profile (including new logo and colors) and starting from scratch technically”

Novanet wanted to update their website, and have an easy to maintain and easy to update CMS (Content Management System) platform in the background. Additionally, they needed to update their visual profile. Being a team of talented developers, they decided to use the latest and greatest web technologies for their website, combined with branding advice from their sister firm Northern Beat.

Our previous website was pretty static and hard to maintain”Senior consultant – Ingve Vikan Sund

The solution

Novanet decided to use as a headless CMS and to use the CV Partner API to get the details on all the people in their organization which had a central place in the new design. offered all the features needed for updating the website. The frontend was written in Angular, and @nrgx was used for managing the application state and serving up to date content to each relevant person and tag. The design from Northern Beat, combined with these tools, and the possibility to get data from the CV Partner using a custom integration was all that is needed to create the new website.

Showcasing the talented Novanet employees on the website was obviously a priority and since Novanet already used CV Partner as their employee resume platform they did not want to have two places to maintain their skills and personal information. Novanet decided to use CV Partner as the source for the information about all employees on their website. Instead of manually copy pasting, Novanet decided to use CV Partner’s API to create a simple, custom integration allowing data to flow from CV Partner to the website.

To make it simple, the request for updated data from CV Partner can be done from Sanity Studio, allowing anyone who use the CMS to update the website with the latest data.

We also had to make the integration as easy as possible, so that anyone could do it.”Senior consultant – Ingve Vikan Sund

CV Partner - API

CV Partner has a well-documented and well-tested API that gives full access to all the functionality in the solution. The API is a REST API, which is based on JSON data format. It uses HTTPs and the API is available 24/7. CV Partner will assist with best practices, error-search, testing and verification. CV Partner can provide a test environment and test users to ensure that the integration easily can be verified.

The result

By combining these technologies, Novanet got a nice-looking, flexible website, that is easy to maintain. Adding new content is really simple and Novanet is really pleased with the result!

Learn more about the process in the Novanet blog post, and visit

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Andreas Parr Bjørnsund
Head of Partnerships - CV Partner