Case Study: Omnidocs

Omnidocs has created integrations which allows users of Omnidocs/Templafy to easily fetch CV and Case Study data from CV Partner within SkabelonDesign templates. This integration and partnership will benefit anyone who uses either tools and enables the highest quality and most up to date CVs and Case Studies to be included in your presentations or documents.


Omnidocs (formerly SkabelonDesign) founded in 2004 is a software company headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark. Omnidocs helps clients to stay on-brand and enhance productivity when working with presentations and documents.

Omnidocs is a global market leader when it comes to the implementation of visual identity and design of client-specific template solutions in the Microsoft Office suite. Omnidocs serves 800 customers with more than 2.2 million daily users.

Why CV Partner and Omnidocs?

Since many professional services firms use both CV Partner and Omnidocs it is only natural that the tools would work well together. Using one of the integrations, getting both CV and Case Studies from CV Partner directly into Omnidocs with just a click of a button.

By using CV Partner and Omnidocs together, your employees have a simple and easy to use SaaS tool with a nice user interface to input their CVs and the company's case studies. This data can then be exported in Omnidocs templates either Powerpoint or Word.

Both CV Partner and Omnidocs are best-of-breed SaaS tools. You will get both ease of use, increased productivity and better quality documents using CV Partner and Omnidocs.

The solution

In a document, simply choose to add CVs and/or Case Studies and choose which proposal you want to grab the data from.  The video shows how a user within Powerpoint easily opens a template, and adds first CVs and then Case Studies to the document. The data is collected from a proposal in CV Partner. If a more up-to-date, or tailored version of a CV is available, simply import it again to get the latest version.

Take a look at our showcase video:

Short version of the video:

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Andreas Parr Bjørnsund
Head of Partnerships - CV Partner