Case Study: SYSCO

Great digital stories - Created using experience and energy!

For Sysco, CV Partner is an important tool for mapping the employee's skills and experiences. SYSCO is both a happy customer as well as an enabler for other SYSCO clients to get started with CV Partner.

200 employees
2016 started using CV Partner
Delivered Integrations to CV Partner clients


  • August 2016 – SYSCO approached CV Partner
  • September 2016 – Demo for decision makers over Skype
  • October 2016 - Data was imported and QA'ed, and first users onboarded
  • January 2017 - Set up of test environment
  • April 2017 - SYSCO delivered the first integration to another CV Partner


SYSCO is creating digital solutions in the cross section between technology and business processes. The company helps their clients doing business more effective by harnessing the benefits of increased digitalization.

SYSCO is creating good histories and they see that good digital stories meet when industry knowledge meets technology competence.

SYSCO's employees create digital magic, and they worked with some of the Nordic region most demanding customers. The company is building strong relationships with leading technology vendors as well as skills and experience with their employees.

The Challenge

SYSCO works with many projects and technologies across a wide range of industries. Some times it is either the industry or the domain competencies that is most important, in other projects it is the technology knowhow. To get a good overview of the areas of competence each consultant knows, and what SYSCO has done for each client, SYSCO wanted a solution that could also be used for finding the right competence as well as for selling consultancy and professional services.

Another challenge with IT systems involving a larger amount of users is the creating, management and deletion of users. For IT systems with several hundred users it is recommended to automate this process. When a new employee starts, and when someone quits, there should be automatic processes to create and delete users. When this is done in one, central, master database there is an advantage to get this change to other systems automatically.

To get this to work SYSCO could use their own integration platform and the CV Partner API.

”Finally we can get our CV information available and treat it as data instead of just a pdf document - and with the CV Partner API we can create integrations with most types of systems”Department Head - Integration and middleware – Jon Petter Hjulstad


Since SYSCO is both a CV Partner client, and the preferred vendor for integrations for some large international clients, it was only natural for SYSCO to look at the possibilities CV Partner offered in their master data solution. SYSCO quickly realized the value of connecting CV Partner with other systems using the API. Automation of user provisioning was a natural place to start.

User provisioning (often the source of updated information is a HR system or AD, Active Directory) is a relatively easy integration, but also very effective for many clients. It ensures that routines and processes are followed in addition to saving time and reducing errors compared with manual labour. Automation of this work also ensures privacy by ensuring that the data is deleted. Another benefit is when new employees are added, the accounts are created automatically and ready to use. User provisioning can also be used when people change departments in the same organizations as well as when roles are changed and someone is promoted.

The solution SYSCO made was based on Oracles integration platform (Oracle Service Bus) but could also be created using BizTalk, Camel or another tool you might be more familiar with. The solution collects users from the relevant country, location and office in the clients global IT system.

Integration collects the following information:
Full name, email, telephone number, unique ID (for Single Sign On), office, role/title

CV Partner - API

CV Partner has a well-documented and well-tested API that gives full access to all the functionality in the solution. The API is a REST API, which is based on JSON data format. It uses HTTPs and the API is available 24/7. CV Partner will assist with best practices, error-search, testing and verification. CV Partner can provide a test environment and test users to ensure that the integration easily can be verified.


SYSCO and CV Partner recommend every company with over 100 users to configure an integration for SSO and user provisioning. This ensures compliance, and saves time for all users.

SYSCO is now planning to create more functionality on top of CV Partner to ensure that their consultants are updating their CVs. One example is a solution where each consultant is automatically requested to update their CVs on email as well as a reminder every 3 months and when a project is completed.

By having the right data available, and the tools to integrate technically as well as the right knowledge of business processes you can get more out of the systems you use.

To learn more about CV Partner and user provisioning, or use of the API in the solution, get in touch with us today!

Andreas Parr Bjørnsund
Head of Partnerships - CV Partner