Getting started with CV Partner

CV Partner is a cloud solution built for fast implementation. Go from zero knowledge to complete roll out to your entire organisation in no-time.

Depending on the size and needs of your organisation, we will guide you through the process from evaluating the system to rolling it out in the best possible manner. A typical process will look like this:


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We set up your domain at:

- 2-5 of your CVs in your current layout in Word/Powerpoint format
- 2-5 Case Studies in any format (optional)
- Additional templates used for bids or proposals (i.e. client specific, public procurement or other templates you need)
- Names and emails for users who want access


- and we will create the initial templates and enable your test account:


Gather your decision makers and stakeholders for a demo and presentation using your test account. The CV Partner sales team can participate in this process.


Depending on the format and structure of your current data and content we will recommend the best data import process. Structured data such as spreadsheets, databases etc. can always be imported. Unstructured data such as Word documents can to some extent be imported using our customisable parser.


Roll out preparations include finalising the templates as well as completing the configuration of your account. Single Sign-On can be configured and tested. Data imports are validated and corrected as needed. Future super users receive necessary training if needed and your organisation is prepared to start using the service on a day-to-day basis. Your customised help texts and communication strategies are created and ready to execute.


Depending on the size and structure of your organisation either the whole company or a department/region will start using the service from this day. Old systems and file structures are deactivated or hidden. Intranet and wikis are updated with direct links to CV Partner.


Users are now updating their CVs and reference projects more frequently. Super users are using the system daily in bid processes. Administrators are analysing data and maintaining data quality using our master data tool.