Product Updates

Updated feature
November 26, 2021

Changes to masterdata and custom tag variations

We just released some updates to the application to ease working with Masterdata and custom tag variations.

Custom tags / departments / reference owners / customer contacts

We observed how people were having difficulties understanding how to add custom tags, departments, reference owners and customer contacts - on CVs, customers and reference projects. So we changed how users add these items.


  • Masterdata items can now be assigned a unique ID for easier identification when working with external integrations.
  • Masterdata items are now unique for each language, it is not possible to have two duplicate masterdatas in the same language anymore.
  • Approving a suggestion when there is already a similar masterdata item (other casing, whitespace etc.) will now convert the suggestion to the official item automatically.
  • Added ability to auto-copy current language value to all languages
  • UI changed so that it is easier to translate and control different language versions
  • We now highlight trailing whitespaces in Masterdata to ease cleaning up data in your CVs