April 4, 2018

Further enhancements to Roles overview

This enhancement to the roles overview provides a solution for two specific use cases:

1) In some proposals, the customer will request users with very specific experiences. As an example a customer might request a consultant with a previous experience as a "Visual designer".

In this case, the consultant you want to sell, only have the experience as a "Graphic designer" in their CV.

As the two roles specified are very similar - and often perceived as the same, it would be good to match the customers request 100% - by renaming the roles in the CV to fit the customers request.

By utilizing the new role overview actions while tailoring a CV you can now rename a role across all project experiences in the CV, without changing the Master CV.

2) After many years as a consultant working in different roles accross a wide range of projects - the list of roles can get a bit out of hand.

With the role overview, each user can now tidy up old roles and unify similar roles across all project experiences, to give the CV a more professional and consistent look.