New feature
September 27, 2017

Introducing proposal collaboration

A highly anticipated and requested feature is finally live: Collaborative proposals.

When answering to RFQs/RFPs, many companies collaborate on delivering a proposal. Sometimes, the requested qualifications in the requirements are not available internally. By acquiring the necessary qualifications from employees in other companies or sub-contractors, the company is able to deliver fully to the expectations set in the requirements.

A new way to work
The troublesome work with sending back and forth CV's and project references between the companies, can now be seen as history. By utilizing the new collaboration feature, a normal proposal in CV Partner can now be shared inside the application with employees in other companies. 

How it works
A collaborative proposal works just like a normal proposal in CV Partner, but it is structured a bit different.

‍In a collaborative proposal, you see the CV's from each company side-by-side

The CV's and references will be exported in the same format and design you have agreed on, or in a specific template for the collaborative proposal.

A collaborative proposal can be recognized in the proposal list by the orange arrow, and the text: "Shared with company"

Highly secure

  • You can cancel the proposal sharing at any time. Cancelling will immediately withdraw your CV's and/or references from the shared proposal.
  • An administrator need to enable this functionality from the customize CV Partner settings.
  • The owner of the proposal needs to have administrator privileges to share a proposal externally.

How to enable collaboration sharing
In order to use this functionality, and administrator need turn this option on in Account > Customize CV Partner > External sharing

If you’re not an administrator, simply ask one of your administrators to enable External sharing.

To start working with another company using collaborative proposals:

  • Select a proposal you own: Only owners of a proposal who also are administrators can share it externally.
  • Share the proposal: Select "Share proposal externally", and insert the CV Partner subdomain of the other company.

  • Send the unique URL: Share the unique single-use URL with your contact at the other company

  • Your contact opens the URL: When your contact opens the URL, they will be greeted with a short explanation to how shared collaborations work.

  • The proposal is now shared:  Each company can see and edit all the CV's and references in the proposal.

There is no limit to how many companies that can collaborate on a proposal. To share a proposal with multiple companies, you have to share and create a unique URL for each company.