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CV Partner Sponsors APMP US Western Region Conference 6th and 7th October 2022

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CV Partner Sponsors APMP US Western Region Conference 6th & 7th October 2022

APMP Wester Region Conference

With almost 400 customers in 14 Countries from USA to Australia, UK to South Africa, CV Partner is helping show that managing CVs, resumes, and case studies the new way leads to a winning more projects and delivering them more efficiently.

Our customers say that updating, searching, tailoring and formatting CVs, resumes and case studies takes 50% less time with CV Partner while also improving quality, consistency and knowledge management.

CV Partner will engage with attendees, in a wide range of sessions to help highlight how we can play a vital role in automating parts of the bidding process and enable you to win more bids.

CV Partners 'No Merch' policy will also be in full force. In alignment with our approach to sustainability, we don't provide Merchandise which ends up in the trash. Instead we use that money to given someone a helping hand. We will be holding a Business Card raffle to win a $250 Kiva Card. The $250 will first be loaned to help someone kick start a project to help themselves. Once repaid, you can decide to receive the $250 or allow Kiva to reinvest it, turning this into a gift that keeps on giving.

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