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CV Partner - The new way to manage CVs, resumes and case studies for bids, proposals and projects is to become a Future-Fit Business

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CV Partner to become a Future-Fit Business, helping us to implement our approach to sustainability

CV Partner is the new way to manage CV Resumes and Case Studies for Bids, Proposals and Projects. Our Customers say that using CV Partner, reduces the time taken by 50% to update, search, tailor and format CVs, resumes and case studies, when compared with the old way.

Founded in Norway, but with customers in 14 countries from Australia to the USA and Sweden to South Africa, as a Software as a Service (SaaS) business we pride ourselves on being 'Secure, Innovative and Friendly', a clear set of values we use everyday.

All three of these values relate to our wish to be more sustainable. So CV Partner have agreed that we will become a Future-Fit Business to ensure we deliver upon our wish to become a more sustainable SaaS business and to align with customers in the IT, Engineering, Business Management, Legal and Construction sectors, many of whom are also on a journey to become more sustainable.

Future-Fit Business Overview


Using the Future-Fit Business benchmarks, we are not just aiming to be less bad, it enables us to keep a holistic approach to business development, where we recognize that business development is 100% dependent on a prosperous healthy society, and definite environment.

We do this, not only because our potential and existing customers ask for us about our approach to sustainability, but because the whole team at CV Partner is committed to sustainability. 


CV Partner's own Sustainability Group was founded in 2020 leads our Future-Fit Business approach to sustainability. Pernille Christensen is our lead on sustainability and our Future-Fit Business approach. 


Future-Fit Business enables CV Partner to benchmark itself against 23 different ‘BreakEven’ criteria to develop an action plan to achieve its ‘BreakEven’ goal which is aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)


CV Partner is currently undertaking its first Future-Fit Benchmarking which will help us set the right ambitions in pursuit of a flourishing future for all. Our plan will then be used over the next year to help us move towards our ‘BreakEven’ goals. 

If your interested in working with a partner who is practicing sustainably, and are in need for a way to manage CVs, resumes and case studies to improve efficiency, quality, knowledge and experience management to win more bids and deliver more efficient projects/cases, please request a short demonstration. What have you got to loose? Click Here

More details about Future-Fit Business can be found at: Click Here

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