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Having CV Partner facilitates a human capital due diligence process

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In a due diligence process, assessing the human capital is often an important point. For a consultancy or a competency based company, the human capital is often the most important point as this is the key driver for value. Valuing the combined experience and competency of the team is often a challenge to quantify, especially of the data is not available in a structured way.

With CV Partner, the human capital due diligence is easy. You can quickly generate reports of all the competency and experiences in the company, as well as quantifying the number of years experience. You can get reports on education and certification. Being able to present this information quickly and structured will also give the assessment/third party team more confidence in the company they evaluate.

In a due diligence process, having worked with implementing CV Partner, and improving the data with the master data process could significantly increase the speed of the process, and potentially the value of the company.

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