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How to write a good help text in CV Partner

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There is no such thing as a single ultimate structure for CVs. Therefore, In CV Partner, each company can create their own instructions for their employees, to make sure they fill out their CV in accordance with the company specific policies.

In CV Partner, we recommend adding help texts for all sections, or at least the most relevant CV and Case Study sections in CV Partner. These help texts display in green over each section and gives details about the section they want to add to their CV. Help texts can be specified for each language in your account and can be added by an administrator. Having good instructions help your employees get inspiration and write CVs and Case Studies that win bids and proposals.

Where do i find inspiration for my company specific instructions?

Find the best CV and Case Study you have available, and dissect it. Ask yourself, what makes this a good CV? Type down at least 3 characteristics of each section and add it to the help text for that section. You can also copy the best examples you find and add it as a real life example, or link to the actual CV in CV Partner. Although we recommend keeping the instructions as short as possible.

The initial instruction under the “Summary of Qualifications” heading should also include some general tips such as in what tense and person to write. Lastly, if you have any template specific information, such as how the highlighting functionality works for the specific section, or where and how it is exported, add this as well.

How the help text instructions are presented when editing a CV or a Case Study

If you do not have a good CV or Case Study as reference to start with you can always get some top tips in this blog post.

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