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Top 10 questions or challenges you will never have to face if your company use CV Partner

Sales and marketing

CV Partner make it very easy to update and manage your CV and Case Studies for bids and proposals. If you are facing any of the below challenges or questions, feel free to sign up for a demo and learn how it can be done easier, faster and with more precision using the CV Partner SaaS tool.

  1. “Where is this employees CV?“
  2. “Do you have a tailored version of this CV for this client?”
  3. “Have the newest employees completed their CV in the new word format?”
  4. “I don’t have time to update my CV this week”
  5. “Can I use this case study and this customer as reference in this bid?”
  6. “Do you remember which CVs and Case Studies we submitted to this client the last time?”
  7. “Where can I go to get support on how to use the CV template”
  8. “I can’t find my colleagues skills or experience, who should I ask?”
  9. “Can you have the CV or Case Study completed in the bid specific format by Thursday?”
  10. “How many years experience do we have with this skill?”

All of the above challenges or questions, and many more, can easily be answered or found within your company's CV Partner account. If you have asked, or been asked any of the above questions, you should sign up for an online demo and learn how it could be done.

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