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Using CV Partners Competence (Skill) Level Indicator for consulting services bids and proposals

Sales and marketing

A little known feature which requires to be toggled on in your CV Partner account is the proficiency level indicator. We have dedicated a blog post to this topic here. 

Some NGO or public procurement bids and proposals require our clients to highlight exactly what skill or proficiency level each person has. This is often a 3 or 5 stage level proficiency indicator for the key skills of the consultant in the proposal. This data can be exported anywhere in the CV, just like any other data in CV Partner. Here are some examples of how it could look like in CV Partner:

Here is another example specifically for "Kammarkollegiet" Public Procurement bids and proposals in Sweden. Setting up the skill levels from an admin point of view, where the custom explanation of each level is also added:

Adding this data to a skill in a CV, and pressing the explanation will give the user the information needed to update their CV:

If you are keen on learning more about this feature, toggle it on in your account under "Customize CV Partner". To export the data, it needs to be added to your template. Reach out to your customer success representative to get started today.

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