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We are delivering great value for our customers, take a look at the nicknames they are giving our tool

Sales and marketing

CV Partner is a relatively new tool, making our first appearance on the internet around 2013. At the time, there were no category for the exact purpose and reason for our existence. We were creating something new. Over the time we have evolved through several phases naming our tool to fit what we think people will be looking for. The conclusion is that it changes over time, and that no one has an exact description yet, and we are creating our own terminology allowing people to more accurately describe what we do. Here are some example terminology used to explain what CV Partner is:

CV database
Resume Database
CV and case study tool
CV and skill repository
Knowledge management and bid tool
CV/Resume and Case Study Library
Employee Resume Database or Platform
Sales productivity tool for knowledge intensive industries

We do store CVs and case studies safely, and we do have a quick, searchable and encrypted database, but we are also used as a sales productivity tool, a knowledge management tool as well as a bid and proposal management system.

We have many names for the things we love and the CV Partner tool is not an exception. Our tool has gotten internal nicknames at most of our clients. The names er either inherited from old legacy systems which we replace, or from a sharepoint or file share folder name. Read more about the old legacy systems we replace

The nickname is often put somewhere on our customers intranet for people to access. Here are some examples:

Internal nickname
Play on words...
CV + database
CV database tool
My Own CV
Find my CV
The CV bank
CV + bank
A place where CVs are stored safely
The Knowledge bank
Knowledge + bank
A place where the knowledge is stored safely
The Resume tool
Resumé + tool
A tool to update your Resumé
CV Manager
Management + CV
Where your manage your CVs
The CV tool
CV + tool
A tool to update your CV
The CV registration tool
CV + register
The place where you register your CV
My Skills
My own skills
Skill repository, where your skills are kept
CV library
CV + library
A place where you keep your CVs
Web CV
Website + CV
Update and tailor your CV in the browser instead of locally in word/powerpoint
CV Profile
CV + Profile
Being able to export your CV in the right profile format
My Competency Profile
Profile + Competency
Your profile
The CV folder
CV + folder
Referencing legacy tools where the CVs were kept in a folder as separate files
CV Now
Find my CV right now
Instantly get your up-to-date CV downloaded in a beautiful format with the click of a button.
CV Finder
Find the CV
Instantly find the right, up-to-date CV in your organization
CV/ Resume builder
Build my CV / Resume
Where you create and build your CV
Online CV
Online + CV
Acknowledging the fact that the CV is no longer stored as a word file somewhere, but can be updated and tailored online
My Bids / My Proposals / My Tenders
CVs for bids and proposals
For companies where the CVs are managed by a bid and proposal team
Cloud CV
Cloud + CV
Your CV, updated, tailored and stored safely in the cloud
CV Partner
CV + partner
A partner that helps you with CV and Case Studies

Whatever you decide to call your CV Partner account, we are here to help you save time updating tailoring and submitting CVs and Case Studies for bids and proposals. If you have not yet seen it, do reach out and schedule a quick demo at your convenience.

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