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CV Partner is a proposal automation solution for CVs, resumes and case studies

CV Partner is a tool for professional services firms who need to have high quality, tailored CVs, resumes and case studies for their bids and proposals.

Proposal experts with experience with bid and proposal automation tools report that CVs and resumes often are neglected and their importance not well understood. Having quality content here might increase your score and help you win the bid. CVs, resumes and case studies are often as much as 30% or more of the overall bid score.

Companies who use CV Partner does not only deliver CVs, resumes, and case studies, but also relevant content you might expect to find in a bid for professional services, such as methodology, pricing and more. At CV Partner, we have decided to be the very best CV, resume and case study tool for professionals services firms and focus on this following a best-in-class philosophy. Therefore, clients use their preferred method of working on bids and proposals, with quality CVs, resumes, and case studies directly from CV Partner.

If you already have a proposal automation tool in our organization - why do you need CV Partner?

The reason is simple: every day new projects, skills, certifications need to be added to the CV or resume by the owner, and this person rarely knows about your proposal automation tool, or even has access to it or past bids you have submitted. Hence the need for a tool that helps consultants, engineers as well as SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) to access and contribute with their skills and experiences.

Bid teams who record the time spent on various parts of their bids realize that CVs, resumes. and case studies are among the most time-demanding and cumbersome parts of a bid to work on. Also, the CVs, resumes, and case studies often need to be formatted and follow strict guidelines when submitting bids. CVs, resumes, and case studies are classified as both dynamic as well as frequent content used for bids and proposals. Learn why you need a bid proposal tool specifically for CVs, resumes, and case studies in this blog post from top APMP contributors.

Furthermore, for some bids you might need to get statistics from your CVs or resumes, such as number of certifications, when they are expiring, how many employees with a certain level of education etc. This is data you cannot easily export from a set of word files, but can easily be extracted from the CV Partner structured database.

How CV Partner can help you automate one of the most time-consuming parts of the bid and proposal lifecycle in professional services

Below you can find a table showing how CV Partner fits in as a proposal automation tool for CVs and Case Studies.

Feature or use case CV Partner Proposal automation tools
Custom CV and Case Study templates 100 % customizable templates in Word, PDF and PPT, generated on-demand Static files kept as Word, PDF or similar within the tool, users cannot update CVs or Case Studies
Support for NGO and Bid-specific government templates Support for all government templates Word, PDF and PPT Content might be there, but manual copy paste and formatting needed every time
User (consultant, engineer, lawyer) log in User friendly interface, SSO and support for all types of users Most proposal automation tools are only used by the bid team
Search for skills, roles, projects and more Get relevant context and results across your entire company. Filter and do combined searches with advanced filters such as years experience or proficiency Free text search in the filebase, search previous bids delivered. Content is tagged but context searching rarely supported
Reports on specific information, update status and more Filterable reports with relevant, validated data with project details, all skills, certifications and more Free text search, no validated granular fields for relevant project information needed to tailor and highlight for bids and proposals
Collaborate with other external firms Export in co-branded template(s) using a single click Internal tool to the bid team, often difficult to give access to external users, export required
Tailored versions of a CV or a Case Study A workflow for creating tailored versions needed for bids and proposals. Bulk edit and tailoring, copy back reusable content Tailored versions typically kept as “old delivered bids”
API Connect to other tools you use using the API, not just proposal automation tools Most proposal automation tools also have APIs, but not necessarily the data you need for CVs and Case Studies
Support and Customer Success Dedicated contact person with industry experience Depending on your service level and the price you pay
Import data from various sources Import your content from Word/PDF/PPT and get searchable structured, quality data Import your files to a filebase without increasing data quality
Additional value C-level and HR loves access to up-to-date information on skills, experiences and more
Employees can use CV Partner as a searchable skill database
Marketing can get beautiful case studies as well as add data to web and other places
A proposal automation tool is often only for the bid team itself, other users such as HR or marketing rarely gets access
Compliance and privacy CV Partner have compliance to EU regulations and privacy-by-design Depending on your vendor
Feature updates CV Partner continuously improve and add features based on popular demand and feedback from hundreds of leading professional services firms Depending on your vendor
Best practices CV Partner is working with hundreds of professional services firms and have designed the tool specifically for making it easy to keep CVs up-to-date Proposal automation tools have clients in a wide range of industries and have to create features for many different types of companies, not just professionals services firms

In short, CV Partner allows your colleagues to streamline and automate how CVs, resumes, and case studies are updated. It also allows your bid team to access updated information and export it - ready to be included in the bid. With CV Partner, you can build your proposal in your preferred proposal automation tool, with high-quality CVs, resumes, and case studies exported from CV Partner.

If you are embarking on a journey for new bid or proposal tech in your professional service firm, why not start with the most obvious and easily solvable challenge, that has a clear ROI as well as additional benefits, namely automating how CVs, resumes, and case studies are produced. Contact us for a demo today.

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