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What is a consultancy proposal tool?

A consulting proposal tool is a web-based application used to help organizations create and manage professional and comprehensive proposals for consulting services. A consultancy proposal tool is typically used by businesses offering professional services in order to provide the most comprehensive, accurate, and compelling proposal to their clients. These tools are also referred to as sales tools for helping selling professional services or skills or competencies.

CV Partner is a best-in-class consultancy proposal tool focused on CVs, resumes and case studies, often the most time consuming and the documents that require the most coordination as it involves both the consultants, engineers or lawyers themselves, as well as the sales, SMEs, key account and bid teams in the organization.

To facilitate the process of having up to date CVs, resumes and case studies for consultancy proposals, you need to leverage modern SaaS tools and the automation and collaboration they offer.

CV Partner is a consultancy proposal tool for companies who need to manage CVs, resumes, and case studies for bids and proposals. Many engineering firms and consultancies keep their company case studies as well as the consultants individual CVs in a file shared, locked in word documents that are not easily searched or updated. This means that the content is locked in the formatting, and you cannot extract value from the data in them easily.

What a consultancy proposal tool for CVs and resumes does

The CV Partner CV resume and case study consultancy proposal tool will allow the consultant or company to quickly and easily enter data such as past projects, skills, experiences, education, and value created in order to create proposals.

The tool will also enable the consultant to track and manage the CV or resume status, meaning when it was last updated, also the database is searchable and filterable making the CV Partner consultancy proposal tool into a knowledge discovery database.

How to encourage your consultants to write better CVs and resumes and keep them updated in a consultancy proposal tool

Instead of updating CVs or resumes as word or powerpoint files in a shared file base, consultants update their skills, projects, certifications and more directly in the web based CV Partner consultancy proposal tool. This gives the consultant some benefits including:

  • Suggestions for relevant skills, projects, certifications and more
  • Specific help texts
  • Auto saving - no data lost 
  • Re-use of standard texts for customer descriptions, project descriptions and more
  • One place to keep all CVs, resume and case study data
  • Live support chat
  • Overall less time spent

One way to encourage consultants to update their CV or resume is to remind them regularly of the advantages they can gain by having an updated CV. In relevant team or company gatherings, discuss the importance of having an updated CV and the various benefits that come with it, such as less reminders and requests from the bid team, ensuring that new skills and experiences are searchable and available, and increasing the likelihood of getting assigned to new and relevant projects.

Additionally, provide the consultants with resources to help them make their CV or resume more attractive such as suggestions for relevant sections, advice on how to highlight key accomplishments and experiences, and helpful tips on industry-specific keywords and phrases to use.

Typically use cases of the CV Partner Consultancy Proposal tool for CVs, resumes and case studies include

  • A management consultancy pitching for work with a new or existing client
  • An engineering consultancy wanting to work internationally on an NGO funded project
  • A law firm pitching to get ranked with Legal 500 or Chambers
  • An IT consulting firm bidding for a large government contract or framework

Overall most users of the CV Partner Consultancy Proposal tool get a decent ROI.

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