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CV Partner offer full onboarding services when our clients merge or acquire new companies

Sales and marketing

Many of our clients have either been sold or acquired while using CV Partner. Some times CV Partner is even used in the process for the HR due diligence. In any case, we have good experience assisting in getting the two companies aligned and get their joint bid and proposal processes started as soon as possible.

When an acquisition has happened, the need to show synergies to both shareholders as well as employees and clients is often high up on the agenda. In many cases an integration of two companies also opens up new markets. For professional services firms, it is the new skills and experiences of the combined company that should be used in bids and proposals as quickly as possible. In almost all cases, the combined company have new or revised logos, fonts, colours etc which should be communicated in the market at soon as possible, both for “new” and old customers. This synergy can quickly be achieved using CV Partners flexible templates, or the collaborative proposals feature, also, you can learn more about rebranding here.

At CV Partner we would like to do our part to make such a transition as easy and effective as possible for all parties. We are often therefore included in the merger quite early to ensure that the combined bid and sales teams are capable of delivering bids and tenders as quickly as possible. In broad terms, we assist both old and new clients with both onboarding, re-branding, training, SSO-setup and migration of data between accounts. Typically these tasks can be divided in three, when two CV Partner clients merge, when a CV Partner client acquires a non-CV Partner company, and when a CV Partner company gets acquired by a non-CV Partner company.

When two CV Partner clients merge 

We can merge data from one account to another, and assist in mapping of users as well as master data. These migrations often have the best quality and fastest migration, since the data is structured and more easy to import. In many cases, this could yield a lower price, since the combination of two firms can trigger a higher volume discount. A group configuration is also a possible setup in the interim.

When a company who use CV Partner acquires a company which does not

CV Partner can assist in data-import of the new users from legacy systems or word/ppt/excel, as if the company was a new client. We can create new templates as well as training for new personnel. Often, this data import and training enables companies to get the new team onboard both quickly and easily.

When one of CV Partners clients gets acquired by a non-CV Partner user

In almost all cases this has happened, the acquiring company also goes onboard with CV Partner, since one of the reasons they buy companies is to get the best practices that comes with the company. Also, often users who are using CV Partner, do not want to go back to using another system, or using Word/PPT to manage their CVs. 

In any case, reach out to your customer success representative if you have any questions.

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